“Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what the reputation is.
You can’t control that.
The only thing you can control is your character.”
  ~ Wayne W. Dyer

Yaisa on the beach

About Yaisa as a health coach:

“I found all aspects of these sessions with Yaisa to be extremely beneficial. Perhaps a bit more time for homework assignments as found it hard to fit into my busy week. Loved the goal setting assistance. Loved the healthy food tips. Loved the buddy system – lovely like-minded people. Sharing circle creat once you get past the nerves. [The communication] was excellent, informative, first class! So good to know Yaisa was always there for us and so incredibly supportive. Thank you.”
~ from Deb Richardson, Aldinga Beach, South Australia, participant in the 6-week Yoga & Health Management program November 2016 – January 2017.

“My health was at a turning point and to move forward I needed to continue in a positive direction but I felt tired, lacked clarity and was feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes we know what is good for us but we don’t pursue that path. I needed someone to help me to put my intentions into actions – Yaisa was the Turning Point!

Yaisa’s caring, positive and direct approach as a Health Coach helped me believe in myself, which then gave me the courage to set the goals that I needed and follow through with them. Yaisa kept regular contact including fortnightly home meetings, phone calls and emails – always encouraging me when I needed it and celebrating the achievements along the way. Today six months have gone by and I am happier, physically stronger, mentally more determined than ever before and clear about my health journey. I have set in concrete the way forward and there is no turning back. Yay!

If you are up for the Challenge or Turning Point in your life then, Yaisa will walk with you on your journey to health and happiness.”
~ Cris from Sellicks Beach, South Australia, October 2016

About Yaisa as a yoga teacher:

“Beautifully crafted the philosophy of yoga into a deep yin class, so wonderfully supported with Yaisa’s bubbly and passionate personality. Felt more open, strong and intuitive the following day than any other yoga class I have attended! Thank you.”
“I really enjoyed this workshop – it was really informative – I didn’t know yoga philosophy was so interesting. Along with that, the beautiful, peaceful Yin yoga poses loosened my body and gave my mind space to breathe. I love Yaisa’s approach.”
“This was my introduction to Yin Yoga and I loved every moment of it. I found the workshop informative and restorative. Yaisa was generous with her knowledge and created an experience that intergrated the concepts into a relaxing practice that was just wonderful!”
“I love yoga philosophy and I loved how you simplified it for us with out compromising its relevance and importance in daily yoga life. Feeling relaxed, energised and with a commitment to taking the practice “of the mat”. Thank-you….oh and loved the bliss balls…especially the touch of salt!”
~ Participants of the Yin Yoga & the Eight Limbs of Yoga Philosophy workshop in February 2017

“I loved the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The information was interesting and helpful. The practice was relaxed and flowing. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.”
“I felt so healed and cleansed after this workshop. Very opening practice also with some fantastic information on the 8 limbs of yoga. Helped me to understand. Thanks Yaisa.”
“Very informative. Excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge. Convenient location. Will attend again.”
“As a beginner I loved this workshop.”
“A beautiful and informative practice. Lovely studio, lovely people, lovely teacher.”
Participants of the Yin Yoga & Pranayama workshop in January 2017

“I love Yaisa’s yoga classes. Very informative and such an enjoyable class ! The alignment workshop was invaluable to me. I will get so much more from my class. Definitely worth going !”
~ Julie from Sellicks Beach, South Australia, May 2016

“I feel blessed to attend Yaisa’s yoga classes. The space itself is so spiritual and uplifting I leave every class feeling like I’ve had a healing. Yaisa’s classes help me to feel aware of myself in body and more importantly my mind too. The classes I would describe as beautiful yet still challenging, I’m using muscles that haven’t been activated in many years haha and I’m only a beginner. I also decided to attend a workshop she ran to help break down some of the main moves and it really helped me to understand the structure of the pose. You can tell Yaisa truly wants you to grow and understand, I can’t recommend her enough!”
~ Kristine from Sellicks Beach, South Australia, May 2016

“I did my first return to yoga with Yaisa @Salt Yoga in Christies Beach. Yaisa has an integrated approach teaching a Yin Yang class that really helped me return to Yoga. It was a non beginners class that had a nice circular feel and allowed individuals to extend their own yoga skills. Highly recommended.”
~ Siobhan from Sydney, January 2016

“Yaisa knows her stuff and shares it in a calm, easy going way. The way of the yogi.”
~ Sytze from El Gouna, Egypt, December 2015

“Yaisa was teaching yoga classes at our facility from March 2014 to March 2015 which included Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Basics classes as well as private Yoga Therapy classes. Yaisa was extremely well-liked by the clients and they enjoyed her classes. She was always very patient and speaking several languages was a definite advantage. She was also a popular member of the Insight Team and is greatly missed.”
~ Neveen Hashem, MSc. Integrative Psychotherapy, Founder and Director Insight: Counselling and Integrative Health, El Gouna, Red Sea, August 2015

“Yaisa Nio has been teaching Yoga at LAX Gymnasium and Lounge in the beach resort Town of El Gouna, Red Sea from February 2014 until March 2015. She has been an integral part of our program, and has shown commitment, dedication, and passion in her practice. Her knowledge and education in Yoga and the health sciences are evident in the way she leads her life, the language she uses, and her coaching skills. We have seen significant increases in the number of participants in our yoga classes since Yaisa joined our team, and have received unanimous positive feedback regarding her teaching style.”
~ Nirvana Zaher, General Manager LAX Gymnasium and Lounge, El Gouna, Red Sea, July 2015

About Yaisa and her words:

“Working with Yaisa Nio is like a breath of fresh air. Not only are her communication and organisational skills second to none, she is methodical and detailed in her research as input into her copywriting. She is excellent at capturing the nuances and tone of voice bespoke to any industry in her writings and above all, she is sensationally easy to work with. I am already looking forward to our next project together.”
~ Nicole Ohm, Nicole Ohm Consulting, April 2016

This is what Lisa from the blog A Fleurieu Affair has to say about me: “I sat down with Yaisa to talk about where she came from, where she is going, and what makes her tick. […] Yaisa is from Holland, living many years in Amsterdam, but has also lived in France, Argentina, England, Egypt, Singapore, Italy, and the Maldives; Wow!” 

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