Working with Words

Blogging, Copywriting, Transcribing


Got a client that needs website content?
Need help with research for a case study?
Do you have a recording that needs transcribing?


If you are looking for someone to help you find the right words or to record what has been said with great accuracy, drop me a line.



In 2006, I moved to Singapore as an expat banker. I wanted to keep my nearest and dearest informed about my new adventures. However, the era of handwritten letters, faxes and postcards with stamps had long gone. So I started a blog.

After a while, these writings became like a diary. While I continued scribbling, I discovered I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thoughts online.

Gradually, I broadened my writing horizons. In 2012, my first published article appeared in elephant journal. Finding it a wonderful platform to share my random contemplations with the rest of the world, I have continued writing for elephant journal ever since.

Professional writing projects with a personal touch

Restaurant reviews and articles for the El Gouna Magazine are also on my list of publications. I enjoy doing thorough research about new topics and am able to give it a personal twist if required.

Thanks my academic education and corporate background, I am familiar with the kind of language required for business purposes. I can therefore adapt my writing style to suit any professional purpose.

Accurate and passionate

Copywriting for websites, proofreading articles and transcribing are projects I undertake with as much verve as writing my own stories. Perfectionist by nature, I work to the best of my capabilities on each project I take on. I always commit to a timely delivery.

Multi-lingual capabilities

Although I work fastest in English and Dutch, I am also able to work — e.g. for subtitles — in French, Italian and Spanish. My fee and delivery time will depend on the requirements and the quality of the audio files.

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