Writing Portfolio

Picture: One of my favourite projects to date — transcribing a diary from a client’s grandmother, written before World War II on old butcher’s paper.


A Selection Of My Writings


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elephant journal logo orange 300x300 elephant journal.
Columnist with regular contributions.
Some of my favourite or popular articles:
Almost Extinct: Polar Bears, Rhinos & a Mere 23,248 Other Species.
I’m 40 Years Old and It’s Not Going to Happen.
5 Tips for Smokers Who Do (Not) Really Want to Quit.
Sleeping & Relationships: Explained at Last.

El Gouna Magazine 300x300 El Gouna Magazine. 
Articles and restaurant reviews.
Some of my contributions:
Page 6: Restaurant Tandoor Review
Page 30: Retreating to El Gouna

Injury Prevention Plus 300x300 Injury Prevention Plus Website
Copywriting and Proofreading
Some of my contributions:
Exercise Rehabilitation