Local Yoga Workshops, Programs & Events

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Local Yoga Workshops, Programs and More

Aside from teaching weekly classes, I like to organise or participate in local yoga workshops and other special events as well.

Yin Yoga Workshops

I offer local yoga workshops about once a month, mostly Yin Yoga. Keep an eye on my Facebook page or subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates on when and where. Yin Yoga is growing in popularity and is fast becoming a favourite style of yoga for many students. I like to delve deeper into varying yoga topics and connect them to Yin Yoga. For example, a practice based on opening the seven chakras or a Yin practice in combination with Pranayama exercises. Most workshops last about 2.5 hours and include organic herbal teas and a healthy snack.

Local Yoga Workshops Yin Yoga

Click here to read about the workshops I have done in the past year.

Yoga & Health Coaching programs

Next to these local yoga workshops, I run special Yoga & Health Coaching programs for people living with chronic conditions. Combining my health coaching experience with my passion for yoga, I help people who struggle with their health. People who do not feel ready to join a regular yoga class are much more at ease during these sessions. First and foremost, I help them to find the confidence and strength to make changes. Next, they learn how to implement small lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact on their health. I talk about nutrition, self-care, time-management and the importance of having a vision in life. Finally, the gentle yoga teaches them how to reconnect to their body so that in time they can regain fitness and happiness.

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Last but not least, I like to add my bit to random, fun and inspiring yoga events, such as Yoga Malas or special beach sessions. Contact me if you think I can contribute to your event!