Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop
Yaisa Nio & Tangerine Meg
Sunday 12 November 2017
9.30 am ~ 12.30 pm

In-person workshop at Salt Yoga
in Christies Beach, South Australia






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Vision Board Workshop Flyer

Want to get started on your Vision Board for 2018, with other light filled souls, and support and guidance from Yaisa and Margie?

Commit to yourself and a wonderful 2018 of work, family and life!

Come to a morning of yoga, meditation and creative guidance – along with good company and plenty of magazines to cut up – and come out with your 2018 Vision Board in your hands.

Get still! Get creative! Vision Board!

Space will be held for to make your Vision Board for 2018.

Get in touch with your inner clarity with a gentle focussed 45 minutes of yoga … loosen up your body, calm your mind and awaken your chakras and dreams.

Then bring your inner voice into being on an image-centric collage – with selected words and phrases – to be a lighthouse for your actions and choices in 2018.

Guidance from experienced maker – plenty of suggestions for making your 2018 board a beautiful thing – a vision board that will be so ‘You’ and so beautiful that you’ll keep returning to it all year, and holy cow you’ll be inspired to make, and allow, that shiz to happen!

Yoga Tadasana

Vision Board Tangerine Meg

Hand mudra Salt Yoga

You’ll manifest the majority of your 2018 vision board, with a little bit of spaciousness left deliberately for Summer epiphanies.

We’re great believers in fuel your body/mind/heart/creativity, so healthy snacks will be on offer. Let us know if you’re gluten free, vegan, fodmaps, etc and we’ll make sure we cater!

This is an in-person workshop at beautiful Salt Yoga studio, in Christies Beach, South Australia.

Salt Yoga Studio


Vision Board Margie

Wanna do this?

You can look forward to yoga-ing and envisioning alongside kindred spirits, cutting and pasting, dreaming and getting focussed, while eating healthy snacks and magic tea … all with intention and heart-awareness. Guided. Supported. Shining.

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There’s more fun:

*All students receive a free MP3 and free downloadable printables to support your Vision Board workshop preparation
*Book by October 25 for a free email vision board mini-course!
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Who and why?

Margie – maker – and Yaisa – shaker – invite you to make your 2018 vision board a reality with their guidance and support.

Yaisa Nio

Yaisa will lead yoga and focussing meditation to help you get extra clear on your intentions for 2018. An experienced yoga teacher and certified Health Coach, Yaisa has the perfect skill set to help you let go of your daily worries + minutae to allow you to uncover your inner wisdom for envisioning a light-filled path for 2018.

Tangerine Meg

Margie aka. Tangerine Meg (artist, illustrator, graphic designer and teacher) will inspire and guide your innate playful creativity to make your vision board beautiful and so “You” that you’ll keep it in sight, align and take action.

Vision Board Workshop 2018 Yaisa