Yin Yoga & The Chakras Workshop

Yin Yoga & The Chakras Workshop

Sunday 30 April – 2.30 – 5.00 pm

Radiance Yoga, 4/378 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park


Following the Introduction Workshop to Yin Yoga in February, join me for the next workshop in the Yin Yoga series at Radiance Yoga.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, even if you have never done yoga before.

During this workshop, I introduce the Chakra concept and describe the seven main chakras. The informative part will be followed by a meditative 90-minute practice with each asana centered around a Chakra.

The practice of Yin yoga optimally supports physical and mental health. It releases tension from the joints, the connective tissues (especially in the hips, the back and the shoulders) and opens up the energy meridians (or nadis) through which the vital energy (chi or prana) flows. It is a form of yoga that does not require rigorous sweating or acrobatics. Instead, you will practice how to relax and learn to work within the boundaries of your physical body.

Yin Yoga ChakrasThe Chakras are a part of yoga anatomy. While we are often taught about the functions of our respiratory, digestive and all the other system of our body, many of us are still unsure about Chakras and the subtle energy system as described in yoga. Yet they deeply influence our physical, mental and emotional state. Chakra health is as important as getting enough sleep and eating nourishing food.

Time will fly by and you will leave the studio feeling energised, rested and content.

Investment: $49, including tea and a healthy snack

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Other details:
Yoga mats & props available
Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in
Wear layers to keep warm during the practice
The entrance to the studio is on Little Street

Plenty of parking space available just next to Radiance Yoga on Little Street