Yoga for People Living with a Chronic Condition

Yoga & Health Coaching Program

for People living with a Chronic Condition
Next program starting in November 2018

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“I found all aspects of these sessions with Yaisa to be extremely beneficial. Loved the goal setting assistance. Loved the healthy food tips. Loved the buddy system – lovely like-minded people. Sharing circle creat once you get past the nerves. [The communication] was excellent, informative, first class! So good to know Yaisa was always there for us and so incredibly supportive. Thank you.”
~ from Deb Richardson, Aldinga Beach, South Australia, participant in the Yoga & Health Management program November 2016 – January 2017.

This twelve-week program is especially developed for people suffering from a chronic condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue. It combines yoga sessions for people who cannot attend regular yoga classes with group health coaching to support the management of health issues and improve quality of life.

Yoga for people with a chronic condition

Based on my experience teaching yoga at fasting retreats, I am able to guide people with a chronic condition like auto-immune disease, diabetes and obesity. The yoga classes are very gentle, therapeutic and restorative.

Gradually and where possible, we build towards a more dynamic practice, getting you ready for regular yoga classes.

Doing yoga poses once a week however is not enough to help you (re)balance your health if your overall lifestyle is not optimal – or not as optimal as can be, given your situation.

Accountability for people with a chronic condition

The group health coaching completes the holistic approach. It helps you take back control of your health and find balance, step by step. By visualising and verbalising your health goals and by creating focus through some simple exercises, you can chip away at what currently may seem a mountain too high to conquer.

At the start of the program, you define and set your own health goals and the energy of the group helps you achieve them. Throughout the program, I give you simple yet powerful lifestyle tips to assist you, ranging from nutritional advice to self-care recommendations and confidence-building exercises.

SupportNetwork for people with chronic condition is provided during the entire program, with me as your certified health coach (IIN®), reinforced by sharing circles and an accountability buddy system. By creating a support network of people that understand and encourage you, your chance of succeeding increases exponentially.

In order for all participants to get the most out of the program, a minimum of four participants is required, with a maximum of eight to allow enough space for individual attention.

The benefits of the program:
* Special therapeutic yoga classes where you feel comfortable, with individual attention for adjustments and modifications
* Yin yoga classes which are hugely beneficial for relaxation of the body and mind
* Focus on you as an individual, with group support from people who understand what is it like to live with a chronic condition
* Regular feedback and monitoring of your progress by yourself, the group and myself as your coach – you are not in this alone
* Rather than an imposed diet, exercise regimen or drug therapy, this program stimulates you to listen to your body and to look into your heart – heal yourself from within
* A positive impact on your health that lasts way beyond the duration of the program

Gentle yoga for people with a chronic conditionWhat you do:
* Commit to the 12-week program
* Enjoy the weekly meditation, breathing and yoga sessions
* Benefit from the fortnightly group health coaching sessions
* Take charge of your health and happiness
* Help others by sharing your experiences
* Listen to others for your own benefit
* Give support to the other group members

Buddy system for people with chronic conditionWhat you get:
* One individual discovery session before the start of the program so that you and I can get to know each other and we can identify your personal health objectives
* One introduction group session, with a sharing circle, intention setting and a first taste of gentle yoga
* Five yin yoga classes, one every two weeks
* Six group coaching & yoga sessions, one every two weeks during which we discuss personal health objectives, the challenges we run into and find solutions through sharing circles
* Ongoing support from me and other group members including an accountability buddy
* Weekly recommendations for lifestyle improvements
* Healthy surprise give-aways
* Guaranteed concession price on other regular yoga classes by Yoga Here & There during and for one year after the program

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For concession holders:
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Please contact me for installment plans, more information and to receive the application form.

* This program complements and supports any treatment or medication plan that you are already undergoing and will not in any way interfere with the care you are receiving from other health care practitioners.