Yin Yoga & Chakra Meditation

Yin Yoga & Chakra Meditation

Sunday 30 October 9.30 am – 12.00 pm

Salt Yoga, 41A Beach Road, Christies Beach


It was a wonderful session.

A big thank you to all the participants who came and shared all their beautiful energy with the universe during the practice.

I am glad I served some Wildfire Organic Tea and home-made Date Bliss Balls to get you back to earth down from your floating cloud before letting you head off!


Ready for the workshop to begin

Ready for the participants to arrive.


Waking up after Chakra Meditation

Everybody blissed out during Chakra Meditation.

Workshop Flyer Yin Yoga & Chakra MeditationFollowing the success of the previous workshop about Yin Yoga & the Chakras, my first workshop this spring will be building on this theme.

Two hours of deep bliss will help you find balance on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. The 90-minute Yin yoga session will open the chakras and the 30-minute meditation will get the energy flowing for cleansing and nourishment of body and soul.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, even if you have never done yoga before.

There are many benefits to chakra meditation, as it balances the functions of the body’s major energy centres. This has a positive influence your thought process, perception and understanding. It enhances concentration, awareness, memory and creativity. You will sleep better and experience lower stress levels. Overall, your health and well-being will improve.

The practice of Yin yoga optimally supports chakra health as it releases tension from the joints, the connective tissues (especially in the hips, the back and the shoulders) and opens up the meridians through which the vital energy (chi or prana) flows. It is a form of yoga that does not require rigorous sweating or acrobatics. Instead, you will practice how to relax and learn to work within the boundaries of your physical body.

After this workshop, you will feel light, calm, grounded and strong.

There will be herbal tea and healthy sugar-free/gluten free home-made snacks and time for a chat after the practice.

Workshop price: $49 ($40 if paid before 14 October by bank transfer – see bank details )

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Other details:
Yoga mats & props available
Please arrive 10 minutes early to settle in
Wear layers to keep warm during meditation
Plenty of parking space available just behind Salt Yoga
A minimum of four participants is required for the workshop to take place
The workshop will be confirmed on Wednesday 26 October at the latest